Lace is a delicate, ornamental fabric made from yarn or thread. It is characterized by its openwork design, which is created by a combination of weaving, knotting, or crocheting techniques. Lace can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers. It is often used as a decorative trim on clothing, such as dresses, blouses, and lingerie, as well as on household linens, such as tablecloths and doilies.

There are many different types of lace, each with its own unique characteristics and origins. Some examples include:

  • Bobbin lace: made by braiding and twisting threads around pins that are placed on a pillow.
  • Crochet lace: made by interlocking loops of thread with a crochet hook.
  • Needle lace: made by creating a design on a piece of paper and then stitching the threads onto it using a needle.
  • Tatting lace: made by knotting and looping threads with a shuttle.

Lace fabrics are often used for formal and traditional clothing, such as wedding dresses and national costumes, it can also be used as an accent on clothing and home decor.

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