Cambric fabric is a type of fine, lightweight, plain-weave cotton fabric. The term “cambric” is thought to have originated from the Belgian town of Kamerijk, which was once a major center for the production of this type of fabric. It is known for its softness and smoothness, and is often used for making delicate items such as handkerchiefs, shirts, and undergarments. It is also commonly used in the production of some type of furniture like slipcovers, curtains and beddings. Cambric is known for its softness and smoothness, and its ability to take dye well, which makes it useful for a wide range of applications.

It is a variety of woven cotton or linen stuff to give a glossy stiff appearance. It’s very difficult to search original kind of cambric fabric due to increased demand for other textiles.
It is a fine dense cloth & a very lightweight plain-weave fabric.
As cotton and cambric can be worn all year long, it is in high demand whatever the season is. Cambric cotton is a feasible alternative as it can be worn all year with minimal adjustments.  READ MORE

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